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10 Self-care Essentials for Workplace Wellness

The office can become a second home for many of us with an estimated 1/3 of your lifetime spent at work. In order to be productive and work to the best of your ability, taking care of yourself everyday should be number one priority, but for many, work and home are equally busy and the struggle to achieve a work-life balance persists. That’s why we suggest stocking up on these 10 self-care essentials that you can use everyday at work to make for a more productive, less stressed out you.

  • Water & Herbal Tea

Coffee may be your best friend but it certainly isn’t for your body. Hydration is key if you want to perform at your best everyday, you can’t do your best thinking if your brain isn’t properly hydrated, so keeping a reusable water bottle on your desk is a great reminder to refill during the day. If you struggle with drinking there commended water intake, which is 2L+ a day, try adding herbal tea or fruit to the mix.

  • Essential Oils

Using essential oils throughout the day can help you with everything from feeling calm to increasing your ability to focus. Use essential oils like Rosemary or Peppermint oil to help you focus more, and Lavender, Ylang-ylang or Lemongrass to help de-stress when you have tight deadlines and you start to feel your stress levels elevating.Using essential oils via a rollerball or balm is an easy and convenient way to apply quickly throughout the day.

  • Snacks

No one can work efficiently when they are hangry. Fruit, nuts or protein bars are an excellent source of energy, whilst being easy to store at your desk, and they are also perfect if you are working late or you have forgotten your lunch.

  • Headphones

Headphones are handy to keep in your drawer, for when you need to screen everyone else out and work without distraction. You can also use your headphones on your lunch break, to listen to a podcast or have a 5-minute meditation break.

  • Notebook

Keep a notebook on your desk for when inspiration or creativity strikes. It can also help you when juggling lots of tasks to break everything down into smaller tasks so you can see what you actually have to get done and prioritise based on importance.

  • Plants, Photos, Positive Quotes…

Anything that helps your desk feel a bit more like your space, and possibly make you excited to go to the office.They do say that a cluttered desk makes your brain feel cluttered, so items that make you happy could have the same effect creating a positive and happy energy.

  • Emergency Kit

Keep a small bag with everything from a tester size of your perfume to your deodorant and even an extra pair of tights. You never know when you might need to head straight out from work. If you have the space you could even keep an emergency outfit for those impromptu nights out. This will help you to balance your work and personal life a little bit easier, by becoming more organised and ready for those unprepared moments,rather than trying to juggle everything in one go.

  • Face Mist

Keep a face mist handy for when you feel tired and need to freshen up. Face mists are great for hydrating your skin and with plenty of varieties on offer, there’s something to suit everyone.You can buy water based sprays, or if you prefer a scent, one with an essential oil, which can help to combat any redness or inflammation on your skin. Perfect for all seasons, a face mist can be used in the summer months to cool down, and in the winter months to rehydrate your skin.

  • Eye Drops

Eye drops are an essential in today’s society when we are on our phones, computers and tablets 24/7. Everyday symptoms such as headaches, fatigue or difficulty focusing could be the result of eyestrain. Whilst we are on the subject of eye health, don’t forget to have a regular screening with your opticians as you may need to wear glasses while at the computer, and you can now have a filter within your glasses to protect your eyesight from the blue light that omits from your computer.

  • Trainers

If possible keeping a pair of trainers at work is a great way to remind you to exercise before, during or after the workday, and get those ever-important 10,000 steps in. If you drive to work, think about parking a 15-20 minute walk away a couple of times a week,or if you have time pop your trainers on during your lunch break, even if you can just manage a stroll around the building, you will be giving yourself the added bonus of Vitamin D and fresh air. Alternatively, you could try cycling into work 2-3 times a week benefiting both the environment and your health.

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