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9 Reasons Why It’s Good To Outsource Your Copywriting Projects

Copywriting is the craft of creating persuasive content and an essential component to any marketing strategy; and the biggest and most important question you may have is:

Why should I pay someone else to do my writing when I can do it myself?”

Below are 9 reasons why it’s good for you to outsource your copywriting projects, but first, let’s start with the facts:

  • 69% of businesses will outsource as a way to reduce costs
  • 64% will outsource to help transform their business
  • 57% of businesses outsourced so they could focus on the core business
  • 47% did not have the capacity for in-house marketing

1- Quality over quantity

Copywriting isn’t just about forming a strand of words and adding as many blog posts to your website as possible. It’s also about accurate and strategically crafted content that ranks high in search engines such as Google, helping you to attract your target audience.

2- Connect with your audience

Content marketing helps to build bridges with potential customers. 60% of customers say they feel engaged and have a positive association with a brand or company after reading custom content on their blog. A strong content marketing strategy will focus on both, conversion and search engine optimisation.

3- Time is of the essence

The average blog post takes around 3 hours 16 minutes to write up (not including the time taken on research), and on average a blog post is approximately 1,050 words. Now ask yourself, are you able to commit the time and energy into producing engaging and relevant content consistently?  When running a business, especially a smaller business, every minute counts and it can get overwhelming if you try to complete every single task, or perhaps you’d rather not try your hand at copywriting altogether. Did you know that even established bloggers outsource their work? In fact, 57% of bloggers have content that is outsourced through guest posts or contributions.

4- Hiring the professional

A bonus of hiring someone outside of your business is that the copywriter will not have the insider knowledge of your exact business, allowing the “hired professional” to view your business from a customer’s perspective. This makes it easier to target your desired customer in a way they understand.  It’s important to remember that these are professional writers who build a strategy around your business, focusing on how the copy they produce will benefit your business, to attract and engage interest from your customers.

5- Spend less and gain more

We’ve discussed the benefit of hiring the professional writer, but how does outsourcing save money? It’s one less employee to pay all-year-round, you can outsource when you’re expecting busy projects and stop the work from becoming overwhelming. Your hired employees can, in turn, focus on their job at hand rather than trying to create copy that they may not have the skills for. This makes it not just cost-effective… but stress relieving too!

6- Create a brand voice

Compelling copy is more likely to inspire, be relatable and be persuasive. Good copy will not just sell the product or services, it will enhance the brand’s image, humanising them and allowing their customers to relate or identify to them. Thus, strengthening the brand’s image and voice. This is why it’s important to seek the help of a professional copywriter who is skilled and equipped to tell your brand’s story with a clear and purposeful objective.

7- Client satisfaction

A professional copywriter will not simply send over their work and end the contract there. They will send over the copy, be it in the form of a compelling blog post or website copy, allowing time for you to look over their work and provide feedback for any amendments needed. Here’s your chance to have your input, and if something’s missing or an idea has sprung to mind, a good copywriter will make the adjustments to ensure you’re happy with the final piece.

8- Create a trustworthy connection

If you have found the right creative agency that fits your brand, you’ll be more likely to procure their services in the future. By building a relationship with the same copywriting agency, the copywriter will gradually get to know your business and be equipped to promote your brand effectively, fuelled with their own enthusiasm to see their trusted partner (aka. you) succeed.

9- Stay updated on current trends

With long-form content generating 9x more leads over short blogs, the demand for a good copywriter is essential to reaching potential customers. Companies with blogs will produce 67% more leads per month, but it’s not just about ensuring you have a strategic blog. Email marketing is expected to be prevalent at the end of 2019, along with other marketing trends. By outsourcing to people in their respected field, you can be certain that they will have the relevant skills and know-how to ensure your business stays relevant and continues to build customer reach. 

Have you found the right agency that meets your needs?

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