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Ethics In The Blogging World

f you are thinking about working with an influencer, authenticity and transparency is vital, along with believability that an influencer does actually use a product or service they are advertising on their channels, for the campaign to be successful. But how does ethics fit in?


The Next Generation Of Eco Warriors

It’s refreshing to see this inspiring generation taking global action, and we think with the next generation leading the way for major change, the future of the planet is in safe hands. Read more about these inspiring young people.


Educating The Youth Towards A Greener Future

The next generation will play an important part in the future of sustainability, and education is one of the major sources where children can learn more about the impact of their actions on the environment. Learn about how choosing to integrate more sustainable and life-led practices into the curriculum is having a positive impact on children.


9 Reasons Why It’s Good To Outsource Your Copywriting Projects

Copywriting is the craft of creating persuasive content and an essential component to any marketing strategy; and the biggest and most important question you may have is: “Why should I pay someone else to do my writing when I can do it myself?” Here are 9 reasons why.


Is Tik Tok The New Vine?

Tik Tok is becoming increasingly popular in 2019 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you’re considering a Tik Tok campaign to promote your business let’s first look at the statistics and the growth of this thriving app.


Everyday Activists: 5 Ways to Make A Change with Minimal Effort

Major change comes from a collection of choices that we make collectively as individuals, so here are 5 easy ways you can make a change with minimal effort.


Climate Change Is Causing Conflict Between Humans and Wildlife

We understand the impact of climate change on the rising water levels, but how does it affect the animals that inhabit this earth? Are humans and animals alike being forced to share the same space?


Could Your Water Bottle Be Edible?

Edible water pods have been trending on social media lately, with their plastic-free and biodegradable credentials, but are they the future of all water bottles and just exactly how are they created?


The Future of Sustainable Policies in the UK, Post-Brexit!

While there’s a hot debate about what is going to be right for the country, depending on the side you are on, the one thing that has us really concerned is the impact that this will have on the environment. Here’s what the future of sustainable policies in the UK looks like post-brexit?


The Impact of Brexit on Cruelty Free Accreditation

As the United Kingdom gears up for its departure from the EU, concerns are growing in relation to the treatment of animals and how they will be affected. The good news is that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 will serve as protection for domestic animals after we leave the EU. Sadly, the same cannot be said for free living wildlife. Read on to find out more.