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Everyday Activists: 5 Ways to Make A Change with Minimal Effort

We all want to create some form of change in today’s world, but due to our fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t necessarily have the time to save the whales, stop fracking or ban plastic worldwide, all whilst juggling a busy personal and professional life.

So where do you start, when you don’t have the time, but want to make an impact?

Major change comes from a collection of choices that we make collectively as individuals, and it can be as simple as signing a petition to spread awareness or campaigning for your favourite cause.

Below Are 5 Easy Ways You Can Make A Change With Minimal Effort:

Sign a petition

A petition is a powerful tool for people to come together and create noise. There’s always some form of petition taking place, and with the digital age it’s now even easier to reach millions of people. It’s an effective way to reach key decision makers, in large organisations or the government, on a wide range of topics from local politics to global issues. Websites like Change make it easier to find petitions all in one place, based on your passions and the issues you care about, and even easier to start your own. It takes Armchair Activist in its literal sense with the ability to add your name to a petition within seconds wherever you are in the world.

Use search engines that give back

The vast majority of us use search engines in our everyday life, whether that be at work or for personal use, so why not use a search tool like Ecosia that donates money towards planting a tree in areas like Brazil for every search you make. On average, for every 45 searches a tree will be planted, and they have recently reached an amazing goal of planting 50 million trees, all from Internet users around the world using their search engine!  Alternatively, there’s Everyclick, who donates money to your chosen charity with every click you make. Using search engines like Ecosia and Everyclick means that you make a difference just by going about your day-to-day life.

Spread awareness and share your voice

Taking part in a rally or just signed a petition? Share your views with your friends and family, and encourage them to get involved in campaigning. Your voice is important and you should make yourself heard, respectfully. If you are active on social media channels, it can also be a great idea to share your views there, encouraging others to sign petitions or join you at marches.

Contact your MP

Another way you can make change, especially if it’s an issue within the UK, is by contacting your local MP to share your views. Often times, MPs will hold a surgery in your local area where you can go along and tell them of any issues you feel are important and need to be heard about. This could potentially lead to MPs discussing your concerns in the House of Commons. You can also get in touch by emailing them and you can find the contact details for your local MP here. Going to your MP means that you can create real change and influence the policymakers of the country.

Become a conscious consumer

Take a moment to think about the votes you place every day when you make a purchase. Think about the products you buy as a way of supporting what you believe in, whether it’s cruelty-free, anti sweat-shop or supporting a local, independent business. Choose businesses that share similar ethical values and hold immoral companies accountable by refusing to shop with them and even writing to them. These 5 easy ways should help you on your way to becoming an everyday activist, and if you put any of these tips into practice make sure to share your story with us on Instagram or Twitter.


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