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Our Top 5 Book Recommendations to Help You Build A Sustainable Brand

Whether you’re just starting out in green marketing or you’re a seasoned marketer looking for some guidance on how to implement a sustainable and profitable strategy; here’s a list of our top 5 book recommendations to help you build a sustainable brand.

1- The New Rules of Green Marketing by Jacquelyn A. Ottman

Named a Top 40 Sustainability Book by the Cambridge Program for Sustainability Leadership, this book will provide useful pointers and the inspiration to get you involved in the green side of marketing. A great read for beginners looking to find their feet on a greener path, it will explain why and how to implement a green strategy whilst making your business profitable. Ottman believes there are 5 strategies for establishing credibility for sustainable branding and marketing:

  • Walk Your Talk                                        
  • Be Transparent
  • Don’t Mislead
  • Enlist Support of 3rd Parties
  • Promote Responsible Consumption

2- Marketing Ethics & Society by Lynne Eagle and Stephan Dahl

This book examines ethical challenges faced in marketing and explores strategies that can be implemented in response. A beneficial read that burrows into the negative effects of marketing and how it affects society when there is no ethical approach. This book will provide solutions to the challenges faced in marketing and further inspiration on why sustainability is crucial.

3- The Triple Bottom Line by Andrew W. Savitz with Karl Weber

This read focuses on sustainability within the business world and the financial success that can be achieved by becoming socially and environmentally responsible. If you’re making eco-friendly changes to your company and may have concerns over financial issues then this book is for you. Savitz agrees that sustainable companies are more likely to become highly profitable in the long run and companies who do not take a stance in protecting the environment are likely to lose out on profits. Whether you are new to the journey of sustainability or not, this read will pave the way all the same.

4- Sustainability Marketing: A global Perspective by Frank-Martin Belz and Ken Peattie

Showing a managerial approach on building sustainable practices in marketing and how these strategies can be approached. There are steps in the book, which focus on how to integrate sustainability into marketing. The six steps to this approach are:

  • Analysis of environmental and social problems
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour
  • Normative sustainable marketing
  • Strategic sustainable marketing
  • Operational sustainability marketing
  • Transformational sustainability marketing

5- Sustainable Marketing Success: The 5 biggest mistakes in marketing and how to avoid them by Regine Lueghausen, Raymond Aaron (Contributor), and Loral Langemeir (Contributor).

To add to our list of recommended green marketing and business strategy books, we thought it would be useful to include a book that lists what not to do in your marketing efforts. Lueghausen’s book details tips on how to attract customers, create competitive analysis, following up with clients and maintain consistency. No matter how seasoned a marketer you may be, its always beneficial to research on mistakes or successes within the marketing industry. Give this hands-on book a whirl!

In working towards a sustainable future, why not cut down on paper waste and begin your digital read today, as many of these books are available to download.

We hope you find inspiration in our top 5 green marketing and business strategy book recommendations to help make your brand a more sustainable one.


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