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5 Benefits of Publishing Compelling Blog Content


The shift online is underway, and with it has come the need for businesses to regularly publish compelling blog content. Almost all companies now own a website, and year on year, more and more of us are buying products and services directly via the Internet. In this new digital world of online commerce, blogging is a powerful, yet still under appreciated tool. On the face of it, the benefits of regularly featuring fresh written articles on your website aren’t always immediately obvious. But the benefits to be had from blogging are many, and collectively, they offer an excellent return on investment.

So if you’re not quite sure how blogging can benefit your brand, then we hope to provide you with further insight via this article.

  • Drive traffic to your website

Today, when people are searching for answers to their problems or looking for information to indulge their interests, search engines are often their first port of call. If your company features a blog with articles offering useful insights into your target audience’s typical interests and issues, these articles will show up in your target audience member’s online searches.

Each time a member of your target audience clicks a link to read one of your blog articles they’re directed to your blog, and therefore your website. And every new visitor to your website is new potential customer – especially when they’ve arrived there because of an interest or problem linked to your products or services.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Attracting readers is how your blog directly drives traffic to your website. But blogs attract visitors to your site indirectly too.

Search engines thrive on fresh content. In this new digital world your website is your shop window and search engines are your high streets. The better locations on the search engine high streets go to websites that regularly publish new, SEO keyword rich pages on their websites for search engines to index.

Publishing new blog content regularly is the best, and for most, the only practical way to keep the search engine’s indexing happy. Doing so will also mean that every time you publish a new article targeting a new keyword phrase, your website will rank in lists of search results for another search term.

The increased traffic flowing through your website thanks to your blog also improves your SEO. Sites with extra traffic are regarded as having more authority by the search engines. They like authoritative sites and tend to rank them higher in their list of results.

  • Material to share on social media                                             

Links to your blog articles make for great content to share on your brand’s social media profiles. After search engines, social media is the second most common place in which people conduct online searches.

Creating posts that link back to your blog articles is an excellent way to make the most of searches on social media. Supplying social media users with information that they’re seeking in the form of your blog articles will increase the likelihood they’ll follow, or at least develop an interest in your brand’s profile. And again, every time a user clicks to read your blog article, they arrive on your site and become one more potential customer.

  • Give value to your target audience

Offer your target audience free, useful information and they’ll give their appreciation in return. They’ll remember that your blog content has done them a service and remember your brand in favourable terms as a result. Consumers are much more likely to buy from brands that they like, and brands they remember and trust.

Your blog content is also a great place to exhibit your company’s branding. By posting blog articles you’re also making a clear demonstration of what your brand is interested in, giving a voice and personality. Potential leads are much more likely to want to exchange their money for the products or services of humanised brands that they can relate to.

  • Showcase your expertise

Blog content is the best means at your disposal for advertising your brand’s knowhow. The more well written, compelling, informative and interesting blog articles that your brand publishes, the more your target audience will come to regard your brand as a trustworthy expert in its field. Posting effective blog content is the easiest way of earning your brand this kind of authority.

These are the main benefits that compelling blog content can offer, and the power that these benefits command is plain to see in the statistics below.

According to a recent study conducted by Tech Client, brands that feature blogs on their websites have a 434% better chance of ranking highly on search engine result pages. Another study by Hubspot academy found that on average a brand that blogs generates 67% more leads than those that don’t.

The benefits of blogging are there to be seized. But only by those who publish compelling blog content, and publish it regularly.




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