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What Makes Bee Green Communications a ‘Green Brand’?


Here at Bee Green Communications we take the ‘green’ aspect of our creative communications brand seriously.

We employ the triple bottom line to measure our performance, which, in case you’re unaware, is a system used to rate the performance of a business based on the social and environmental good that it brings about, in addition to the traditional performance metric of monetary profit.

But it’s all very well saying this. We want to take this opportunity to substantiate our green pretensions.

So if you’re interested in gaining an understanding of how we implement the furthering social and environmental causes within our working practices, then please continue reading to learn more.

Social endeavours

Building purposeful relationships with our clients is the main way in which we strive to honour our commitment to making positive social change.

We make every effort to build positive working relationships based on mutual respect, cordial approachability and professionalism with each and every one of our clients. By doing so, we feel that we encourage the creations of a working culture that makes collaboration between us and our clients enjoyable for both parties and is conducive to shared success.

We hope that by showing the social, and the business good that comes of making concerted efforts to build purposeful relationships with our clients, more brands will take a similar ethos on board. And as more brands do, the positivity, that this approach to working creates, will spread far beyond our own and our client’s brands as a result.

Environmental endeavours

‘Going green’ might be a small phrase, but it’s one that encompasses a lot. Going green isn’t always easy, and how to go about it isn’t always obvious.

Education is a big part of what we, and our sister brand Bee Green Lifestyle Magazine, do to fulfil our pledge to help encourage a greener lifestyle. Some of blog articles like “Taking Your Brand Forward – The Green Way”, “Easy Swaps for an Eco Friendly Workplace” and “Workplace Ethics: Do’s and Don’ts” are focused on offering useful and practical information on how you can make your workplace and its practices greener.

We believe that adhering to greener workplace practices ourselves is great, but the more we can encourage others to do so, the greater the positive environmental impact will be.

 A combination of the two

Our creative services are for everyone – we’re happy to work with brands from any industry. But working with ethical and sustainable brands is our speciality. We have knowledge of the ethical audience and the sustainable industry, and we enjoy using this knowledge to bring about further positive social and environmental repercussions.

By making particular efforts to encourage ethical and sustainable brands to make the most of our services, our objective is to strengthen other like-minded brands, and in doing so, the green industry as a whole. A greater number of strong ethical and sustainable brands out there equates to more brands that are making more efforts to implement their own strategies to benefit social and environmental causes. The green cause as a collective benefits as a result. This makes us happy, our clients happy, and our triple bottom line happy too.

We do hope that the above has given you an indication of how we measure our success in terms of more than just monetary gains. The social and environmental components of the triple bottom line matter to us, and so does the credibility of our ‘green’ label. We believe that the ways in which we implement our ethos of encouraging greener working practices, supporting ethical and sustainable brands, and building purposeful relationships brings about real positive social and environmental changes and legitimises the ‘green’ in Bee Green Communications.

The bringing about of a greener world is our overarching aim, and we value every step we take towards achieving that aim as a success in itself.




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